Learn Your Breast Shape & How It Impacts Bra Fit

Side Set

Nipples pointing outward in opposite directions

Just as its name suggests, East West shapes are characterized by wide-set breasts that gravitate away from the chest center. You may find that it’s more difficult to achieve cleavage with certain tops.

Bra Fit Tip: Give a demi-cut or push-up a try. The push-up padding helps bring your breasts up and together. If you don't like a lot of lift, a style with minimal padding or a front-closer can be an excellent choice.

Low Profile

The tissue for this shape is dense and close-set to the body

Common fit issues for this shape are gaps at the top, bottom, or sides of the cups – especially in structured styles. You may notice the gore (the small triangle of fabric that connects the cups) won't sit flat or have trouble achieving cleavage because of the density of your tissue.

Bra Fit tip: We suggest unstructured frames like wireless, bralettes, and sport bras. Because the fabric is less structured, it will hug your body to reduce gaping. Straighter necklines, like lounge bras, are also a good fit for you.


Breasts with lax tissue and nipples pointing downward

You'll likely experience gaping at the top of your cups. Also, the underwire or wireless structure may slide up onto your breasts, depending on the style you wear.


Bra Fit Tip: For Relaxed, it's all about finding the right lining level and adding a bit of lift to keep you comfortable. Push-up and unlined bras may uncomfortably displace your tissue.


Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom

Sometimes it can be challenging to choose between Bell and Teardrop. If you're Bell, you might have a bit more space between your tissue, and your nipples either will be forward or downward.

Bra Fit Tip:Since you're fuller on the bottom, you may experience gaping at the top of your cups, which can cause the straps to lay away from your body.

Explore bras with full coverage and close-set straps which are ideal for this breast type.


Round, but slightly less full at the top

Tear Drops are similar to Bell shapes except rounder.

Many styles will work well for you, and it's unlikely for you to experience fit issues. However, it always takes trial and error to find a bra you love, no matter your shape.  

Bra Fit tip: One fit frustration we see for Teardrop is gaping in full-coverage bras. If you like more coverage, we suggest styles with a bit of lift to help fill the top of the cups.

Full All Around

Equally full at the top and bottom

Round shapes may find that they don’t need a whole lot of coverage or support, making many padded bras unnecessary.

Bra Fit tip: Most styles will work well for your shape, but wear wireless bras for days when you only want light support or balconette styles for when you want an ultra-flattering fit. Why not try some new styles from Luvlette?